Software advertisements on Viber

By this software, you can send 800 million Viber users text and image ads to expand your market. To test this software to download and install the latest version now

Features advertising Viber

Introducing software, mass advertising on Viber

Post at the same time

You can write simultaneously at any moment to send 8 piece of text and images or videos, And since the software is capable of multitasking and can do at the same time as several hundred posts

Queuing Posts

If you do send bulk ads do just what your customers queuing and queue for each audience and adjust text and images independently


You can import your contact numbers from Excel or Text file into Viber advertising Software

Build Range Of Number

Generated Automatic contact Number, You can enter the code mobile number all mobile phones Generated its subfolders and start sending bulk ads in your Viber

fast sending and Report Moment

Identify the active Viber numbers and Send unlimited texts and image ads

No send ads and just identify the active Viber numbers

you can option check item No send ads and just identify the active Viber numbers with High speed


Reports of send status and Export Excel, Text File

config Send Viber speed settings

setting sending speed and intruppt bettween each send

Viber 800 million people around the world are waiting for you

Free advertising and targeted leads to your business will flourish. It's time now for free and eco-friendly technology in order to create wealth by selling more to use its market gave life again

The benefits of SMS advertising Viber


No doubt target audience reading your message, You know this will come

No Character Limit

You can send messages up to 1000 characters

Send link

You can visit the site to increase. Viber send the link ads

Send Photos and Videos

Send advertising photos and videos without no charging

free delivery

Send free ads in Viber

Receive 100% of messages

Users will receive all the messages, even if they don’t have internet connection at the time.

Easy Interface

You can use this software easily and without any instruction.but Absolute We'll give you a full education.And will have full support.

Send Emoticons

Ability to send all kinds of emoticons in text and icons

Audience's attention

This attracted the attention of audiences and advertising is effective

User educated

Viber users are certain people that are very useful to promote luxury goods and services

High population

High population that can become potential customers

Send range Mobile

Transmission may be by country, region or specific city or to specific mobile number

Pictures from the Software Viber Marketing

View some pictures of the application Viber Marketing

نرم افزار تبلیغات در وایبر

متن یا تصویر ارسالی به وایبر

متن تبلیغاتی خود همراه با شکلکهای وایبر و یا تصویر مورد نظر خود را انتخاب کنید
اسپمر وایبر

تعیین ترتیب ارسال متن و تصویر

ایجاد صف ارسال و ترتیب ارسال تبلیغات، نمایش درصد پیشرفت و تعیین اولویت ارسال
وایبر مارکتینگ

تولید یا وارد نمودن شماره مخاطبین

جهت ارسال تبلیغات انبوه وایبر شماره مخاطبین را از فایل وارد نمائید و یا تولید کنید
تبلیغات انبوه رایگان در وایبر

مشاهده نتایج ارسال وایبر

مشاهده و ایجاد خروجی از نتایج ارسال تبلیغات در وایبر بصورت انبوه و رایگان
نرم افزار تبلیغات شبکه های اجتماعی

دریافت پیام مخاطبین

نرم افزار علاوه بر ارسال پیام می تواند پیامهای مخاطبین را دریافت و برای شما نمایش دهد
نرم افزار تبلیغ در وایبر

تنظیمات وایبر

تنظیمات سرعت ارسال تبلیغات وایبر، تعیین کشور هدف جهت ارسال تبلیغات وایبری
نرم افزار ارسال تبلیغات به وایبر

خطوط مجازی وایبر

استفاده از خطوط مجازی بصورت گردشی و انتخاب هوشمند جهت صفر نمودن بلاکی خطوط توسط وایبر

قالبهای زیبا

نرم افزار دارای قالبهای زیبا می باشد

Needs and introduce Viber ad

Prerequisites for initial software Viber Ad, Learning to work with Software


  • 90 $
    1 Licence
  • install on 1 computer
  • Viber Send 900 messages per hour
  • for limited time: 1 Moon
  • Order
  • 699 $
    10 Licence
  • Free Training
  • install on 10 computer
  • Viber Send 90,000 messages per hour
  • for limited time: 1 Year
  • Order
  • 1399 $
    25 Licence
  • Free Training
  • install on 1 Server
  • Viber Send 22,500 messages per hour
  • Unlimited installation
  • Order
Please WebMoney account charge. WMID : 593688803536 , WMZ : Z614795013472
After making a deposit to the account register on the site and send message

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